How Albert Schweitzer Inspired a Young Man's Journey

Against the Current

In researching this book, the authors traced Mark Higgins' footsteps by going to Gabon, Africa in May 2014. Clarinda's two adult children also came on the trip. See their pictures.

William G. Armstrong Jr., holds a degree in political science and journalism from Kent State University. He is a former writer for the Associated Press, assistant dean of the New York University graduate school of business, and worked for more than two decades as a senior public relations executive in New York. He served as a U.S. Navy public affairs officer for 30 years, retiring with the rank of Captain. He has written several specialty books.​  He is a director of The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship. and has served as an adjunct professor of public relations at Fairfield University.

Clarinda Higgins holds a bachelor’s degree in Eastern Studies from Smith College and a master’s degree in education. She taught elementary school for 11 years and has worked as an environmental educator since 1986. She was recognized with the Gold Award by the National Science Teachers Association. Her book about shell-fishing in Long Island Sound, Raking It In, is used in schools, museums and nature centers, She has traveled widely in third-world countries seeking authentic experiences and understanding. In working on this book she led a four-person two-week expedition through western Gabon. She is a substitute teacher in the Westport and Weston school districts in Connecticut.


"an adventure, a mystery and an inspiration"