Against the Current

With a Foreword by the Executive Director of the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship.

An Adventure:  How did Mark Higgins, an 18-year-old from Massachusetts, become the only student staff member hired to work for Dr. Albert Schweitzer, one of the world's most admired people, in 1959? What did he experience working in jungle villages in Gabon?  How did he travel alone nearly 2,000 miles across the continent of Africa in 1960?

Oakham Press, 2014

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"an adventure, a mystery and an inspiration"

An Inspiration: What did Mark learn during his gap year about his purpose in life? What lasting effects did he have on others more than half a century later? How can we today embrace and implement Schweitzer's mantra Reverence for Life ​in our daily lives to make the world a better place?

A Mystery: What did Mark Higgins do while working at Albert Schweitzer's Hospital in Gabon, Africa? What famous people sat with him at dinner there and what 'secrets of the jungle' played out in front of him? What medical break-through was Mark a part of? Where did he go and how did he get there after his one year finished?

... and there's much more: the amazing discoveries the authors made while researching this story, including during their visit to the jungles of Gabon in May 2014...

 How Albert Schweitzer Inspired a Young Man's Journey